Thursday, 25 August 2016

Philippines : Television and DVD players for rural schools

Ethiopia : Sustainable and ecological projects

This initiative is an enterprise and environmental education project for pupils and students increasing their skills and awareness levels. The beneficiaries are introduced to concept of enterprise/business skills and understanding. Ethical business activities in relation to concerns for the environment; concepts and practices of fair trade are discussed. The far reaching importance of environmental conservation, climate change and its impact on people are demonstrated. Environmentally friendly life styles and activities such as economical use of wood, afforestation, utilisation of local products to reduce carbon footprints are introduced. Sustainable materials and related for environmental projects are used throughout the year.

Uganda : Educational Visits - David Tyler School

Nigeria : Educational Visit to National Museum

Uganda : Hermitage Secondary School and Vocational Unit.

Classroom Refurbishment and Parents' Meeting

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Nepal : Magnificent visit by Austin to several of our projects in Nepal.

Austin visits projects in Nepal and receives a Nepalese welcome at Ganesh Secondary School and the Metta Centre. Well done Krishna, Ganga,Ruha, Maiya, Renu, we are all very impressed. Congratulations Austin on an excellent visit. Our sincere thanks to all who contributed in making Austin’s visit both interesting and memorable.

Nigeria : four weeks of vocational and life skills workshops begin

Uganda : Educational Field Trip to Environmental Centre and Zoological Gardens : New furniture

Uganda : Miscellaneous photographs from Hermitage School