Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Nepal - "more whiteboards delivered safely"

Namaste Don,
Here are two pictures of the white board distribution to two different
school. The boards were received by the principle of Bhimeshwor Primary School Mr. Ram Hari Rayamajhi. Have a good day! Best regards,

Friday, 3 April 2009

South Africa

Good morning from a very foggy Edinburgh! Here's a photo of my packing for the daily journal. "On Wednesday evening, the 8 of us ,who are going to work in Goboti, met and divided up all the gifts for the school and young children in Goboti. This is my packing, with some of the School Posters from Pictorial Charts Ltd (the teachers won't believe their eyes!), biscuits and footballs, all thanks to A Ray of Hope. They will, indeed, bring A Ray of hope to Goboti Village. I will have a big story to tell the villagers about the real Ray of Hope! Thank you!" On with the work - still lots to do!Love from Jenny