Monday, 29 February 2016

Uganda - New school unveiled

A new school in Uganda : Seventy days from conception to inauguration.

It was 70 days ago, 14th December, 2015, or thereabouts an idea was hatched to consider a secondary school for the soon to be needed "add on" for the children in the David Tyler Primary School.
The first premises perused, although suitable, did not have all of the attributes needed – that site was soon replaced in our focus, by a more appropriate location. The new site had 6 classroom size rooms, plus a storage area and office space.

The journey had started.

As the weeks progressed, with positive steps every day, we aimed for the possible  opening date as 22nd February.

The buildings were scrubbed  – and then painted. The demands by young adults for self improvement determined the nature of the resource and name. “Hermitage Community Secondary School and Vocational Centre.”

A management committee was formed, with representatives from various stake holding groups, teachers advertised for, interviewed, and tested. Potential students were spoken to, and a strategy was determined for enrolment.

Furniture was needed, also text books stationary and other educational expendables.

As it is important for every child to have a mid day meal, so equally essential for our students. It seemed natural, aware that a kitchen was needed,  that our friends in Classic Kitchens, Aghalee would assist, and on the day of the school opening the kitchen was completed.

So 70 days from conception, the school doors were unlatched for the first 13 students quickly followed  by 17 more and 5 vocational students. Day 3. 24th February – an enrolment of 35 pupils including vocational.

Plans for the future include hairdressing and fashion design, and of course a school badge and uniforms.
Much yet to be thought of, and discussed, but it is more than a start !!!!