Sunday, 26 July 2009

India - educational supplies destined for India and their "school bus".

Thanks to Pictorial Charts and David Tyler Trust. - a series of desktop science books and a substantial amount of educational posters, teachers' notes and lesson plans shortly to be sent through Andy to India.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Request from Andy regarding Mumbia India

Hi Don,
My name is Andy Robson .............I am currently working with an organisation called Vision Rescue out in Mumbai, India. They travel to different location throughout Mumbai feeding and educating slum and street children who don't go to school and have little hope for the future. They have two buses which are used as classrooms and they currently have about 700 children a day who are educated on the buses. Over the last 4 years they have helped about 100 children into full time education and they want to increase that number.I have been a teacher for 11 years and more recently, have been working as an assistant Headteacher of a junior school. I have gone out to India to help Biju with his educational programme and my main role has been to train the teaching staff. Many of them are just volunteers and do not have any qualifications. I have been helping then to teach English and maths and giving them advice on their general teaching styles and methods. I am also working on developing a sports programme for a group of street children aged between 12 and 16. I am currently coaching them football with a view to making them into a team.The main problem I have faced is the lack of resources. The buses are just buses and have no education material or equipment on them and the children use chalk and chalk boards. The teachers have a whiteboard and pens, that is it! They are only in the bus for one hour a day and are taught maths, English and Hindi, with games or a dvd on saturdays.To do this I have been looking for educational posters, displays, games and other resources that can be use in the teaching of basic english reading and writing, and maths. I would also like to provide the children with writing books and pencils, and by get sports equipment that we can use for the sports coaching. It is so true about the difficulties of donating money and I know that Vision Rescue have faced some of those problems. They have very little money to spend on anything other that their general running costs.I have attached a few photos for you to see and would be grateful of any help, advice or support that you can give me and Vision Rescue so we can give these kids a better life and a better future!Look forward to hearing from youAll the bestAndy