Sunday 3 December 2023

Nigeria - Skills Aquisition Schemes

 Nigeria – Lagos – True Hub- Skill Acquisition Scheme ; Mobile Graphic Design and Social Media Management

Nigeria – Ondo State – True Hub- Skill Acquisition Scheme  ; Health and Hygiene  - home manufacture of dettol, izal , liquid soap, air freshener also household cleanliness tips and advice

Sunday 19 November 2023

Philippines -Women and children’s health and well being clinic

 Philippines Women and children’s  health and well being clinic, mental health, positive single mindedness, necessity distribution , urban gardening and household tips – wonderful effort from all involved – our thanks to Glorecita friends and volunteers.

Nigeria - optometry clinics for adults and children

 Nigeria :  Well done Gladys and her extensive team. Promoting reading including medical aspects, eye tests, ointments, distribution of reading glasses and vitamins and the Optometry service and a selection of reading books. Continuing with previous successful reading and eyesight campaign 200 children in two villages both in Uhunrode local government area of Edo state. Iguogbe village and Uvbe village.
Eye examinations and related  for  different age groups – adults and children. Our thanks to all involved

Wednesday 11 October 2023

Nigeria - domestic science demonstrations and workshops.

 Nigeria - A class was held  on how to make fish roll and fish-pie for the students of Success Dream Academy so they can gain knowledge of how to assist their parents at home with breakfasts and we shared it for all the senior and junior students of the secondary school. We shall also make donations of face-masks and hygiene supplies

Uganda - extra photographs - competitions and activities day


Tuesday 10 October 2023

Nigeria - preparation for Gladys optometry clinic.

  Nigeria - It was found necessary  due to the demand, to repeat the exercise from last year,  focusing on eye tests for children and adults , and the distribution of books and reading  glasses.

Thursday 27 July 2023

Assistance to Ethiopia.

 Assistance to Ethiopia. Due to the worsening effects of climate change in east Africa, a shortage of a  water supply is becoming chronic. As a result of a water shortage our efforts to grow crops, fruit and vegetables have been hampered. We  completely lost what we had planted. We are planning to work on different options for making our hostel water supply as reliable as possible.  The supply of a more sustainable  and reliable water supply has been very successful to date.